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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Sweet Amsterdam

We arrived at the Amsterdam airport for the 3rd time in as many months.  I can say I would not be good at one of those jobs that travels all the time.  All the on, off, passports, tickets, luggage, delays, and annyong people wear on my patience.  Of all the airports we've visited though, this is my favorite.  I find it the most comfortable and polite.  Right now I'm sitting at Starbucks with a caffeine fix and wireless connection!  That's home to me!  Nevermind that it's currently 4am according to my body's time!  Mark is not amused by this fact.  He talked at great length about the fact that he was not going to drink alcohol on the flight because it left him with a headache last time.  Of course, we got on and he ordered a drink.  Not one drink, 4.  As the flight attendant was coming around offering tea or coffee, He got to us and said to Mark, "I know you don't want any!".  Now that worked nicely in the short term because he was able to sleep(which is difficult at his height in coach class).  Getting off the plane at 3am is a real buzz kill though:)  Poor Mark, caught between a buzz and a hard place.  We have a 6 hour layover, then off to St. Pete!  It will be nighttime there when we arrive, so we will check into the hotel, go to bed, and wake up on the day we get our daughter for good!  So...technically this is our night before Gotcha Day.  Even Mark can smile at that:)      

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