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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Just Being

We've jumped right into our regular routine with shopping, cooking, and lots of driving big sisters around! Sofia seems to become more confident with each passing minute and experience. She's such a good girl, but has a hint of trouble to make her normal! She's been sleeping and eating well. She doesn't seem to like meat, but I haven't decided if that's a taste or a texture thing. Last night she slept through the night without waking up and didn't get up until 7:30. She is in a big girl bed with a rail and doing great! This morning we went to the pediatrician for a full check up. She was so good! The nurse was a male, and I was immediately nervous about how that would go over. Sof tolerated him though! She had blood work done which will determine what immunizations she will need to have done. She also has a Sacral Dimple, which is a small "hole" at the top of her buttcrack. It isn't that uncommon and usually doesn't require any treatment or have any bearing on normal development. It basically means that the spinal cord didn't fuse right, and in some cases can mean it's teathered. I will take her for an ultrasound to see if that's the case in her. She is already walking and has normal reflexes so nothing to worry about there. This begs the question...did we know about this when we accepted her referral? The answer is no. It is only visible when you change her diaper and spread her bottom. I changed her diaper twice when we had visits in the baby home and never noticed it. I only noticed it when we were in our hotel room. It wouldn't have changed anything, but it is kind of irritating to me that it was missed/ignored/left out of paperwork. So, we will wait for bloodwork to come back for immunizations, get the ultrasound, have an eval for fine and gross motor skills, and doctor will call me back about speech & language eval(not sure if we're going to do this right now or wait for fall). All things that were expected in her care.

Getting into the cupboards!

We went out to dinner with some of my teacher friends. You can't tell in this picture but my friend Beth was on all 4's on the floor picking up Sofia's dropped crayons. This kid has so many people wrapped around her little finger!

Don't tell this happy camper that she's about to get poked for blood!


  1. Jen she looks adorable. glad to hear that things are adjusting great. How is she with hubs yet? Getting better?

  2. She is SOO cute!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama