"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thoughts, Ponderings, and Observations

The women here are beautiful and well dressed.  To add insult to injury, there was a Givenchy convention in our hotel this morning.  I might as well have been wearing flannel pajamas in the lobby compared to these women!  When you go to the mall there is a huge variety of stores also.  So many different women's styles to choose from.  I could do some serious damage shopping here!  The shoes are amazing!  Today we went into a children's toy store and found a Fisher Price play phone that speaks Russian when you push the buttons.  We immediately loved the idea of that!  Then we realized it was $53.  You can buy the same toy at Target for $7.99!  We are still debating on whether to go back for it.  Mark is sold, and I'm thinking all those toys at my house end up broken and in the garbage(not necessarily in that order).  I admit it would be really cool to have, especially if it we could keep it for years to come.  Oh well, I have 6 days to ponder that one.  There is no diet pop, it's all called "light".  I like that.  Diet is such a negative term!  At the mall you can only go up escalators and then you have to walk down the steps.  Maybe that's why there's no diet.  If you watch CNN day in and day out pretty soon you think the world is ending.  I've realized the purpose for Jersey Shore is to distract you from real issues.  I prefer MTV's version of the "The Situation".  The situation here is that we will be getting S in the morning.  Going to bed praying her transition is smooth and not too tramatic for her(or us)!       


  1. Just sharing this thought......we had thought about buying some Russian children's music however our agency recommended staying clear of Russian music, toys, etc. as hearing the language once out of the country can trigger PTSD syndromes as they are reminded of the baby home and can even fear that somebody will take them back. We honestly didn't think much of it but after being with us for 5 days and hearing only English a person came up to Hayden and started speaking Russian and he screamed like crazy. We thought maybe it was the person but then the same thing happened a few days later with a different person and he did it again. He looked so scared! We had planned to use some Russian words at home but have been using English only. Ok even with all of that said it could just be our little guy as I can only speak for our experience. We do have friends who are on their second Russian adoption and they were even told not to take their first son back to Russia as it could trigger PTSD. Please don't think I am telling you what to do....not my intention AT ALL!!! I know each child is different!! Just wanted to share....$53.00 is a lot for a toy!!

  2. Oh and I felt like a slob EVERY day while in the country.....those women do not mess around when it comes to style!!!

  3. I have to admit I have a slight grin of satisfaction on my face knowing you are feeling like you are wearing flannel pajamas!!! You are one with me and my large pregnant self!!!