"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello from Moscow

We woke up this morning in Moscow in our new hotel room.  We left our room in St. Pete around 4pm yesterday and checked in here around 12:15am.  It was a taste of what our travel home will be like!  Sofie passed with flying colors.  She really is such a good girl!  First we had to stop and see our coordinator S to get some of our final paperwork from her.  We said our good byes and she gave us a sweet little gift.  Then we went to the passport office to get Sofia's passport.  We waited in the car while Mark and the translator went in.  Then we headed to the train station.  More waiting there as we were about 2 hours early.  Finally we got on the train.  It was very comfortable, lots of room, nice diaper changing area, and a food car.  Sof played quietly on my lap for awhile, then I gave her some snacks and she fell asleep.  She slept for probably 1 1/2 hours then I had to wake her up and drag her out of the train, into the car, and in the hotel.  By then she was awake and ready to play.  She toddled around a bit while we got settled and I thought there was no way she would go back to sleep.  Like usual, she surprised me.  As soon as I laid her down in bed she knew it was bedtime.  It was more like a nap though because it was well after one before we got in bed and our wake up call was at 6.  Early this morning a doctor came to look at Sofia to clear her for immigration.  She did pretty well considering her fear of strangers.  Today we are going to do Red Square because it is our only free day in Moscow.  Off to get ready!
Leaving St. Pete

Surely the best dressed on the train:)

Ready to take on Moscow!


  1. Enjoy Moscow. We will see what you think of the people in Moscow compared to St. Pete! Glad the overnight train was a good experience for you as it was for us.

  2. On the home stretch...glad you got to Moscow and I can't wait until Friday!!!!!