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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home, A Shower, A Birthday, and More!

We've been home for 3 full days and it was right back in the fire!  No major issues on the flights home, although if at all possible I will NEVER fly through Paris again.  That airport is a pain in the bleeeeep.  My sister picked us up and dropped us at home, and then we had to collect our kids.  Alexa was with Anne and Rick so I got her first.  They had a Barbie bike waiting for S(complete with helmet!) and dinner for me to take home.  How sweet is that???  Then Adrienne had to be picked up at dance.  It was a sweet night with the four of us reunited.  We caught up, ate, and played with nesting dolls all at 9:00 at night.  I love that my girls always ask about S first.  They want to know every detail of our visit with her!  The trips are wearing on them though.  It's hard to have Mom and Dad gone and the next trip will be even more difficult.  It's a longer trip and we will be missing Alexa's birthday and a some big stuff for Adrienne's dance.  Grandma does a good job, but it's never the same!  I keep telling them one more time and we'll all be together forever!  I went back to work the next morning and got love and hugs from all my students.  I will really miss my job when I'm home with S!  I like my routine, I like my students, and I like seeing my co-workers!  Which brings me to Friday!  My co-workers had planned a baby shower for me.  We ended up having an ice day off of school, but still had a great turn out.  I work with the most thoughtful and generous staff(seriously, I totally can't keep up with these people!).  Let me give you an analogy...when having a luncheon in the workplace there's always those 1 or 2 people that make some great homemade dish and drag in their crock pot and all the fixings to go with it.  Then most people grab something at Costco or fight over who gets to bring the paper products.  At my work 99% of the staff is the first kinda person...I'm the 1% Costco gal(and that's if I remember it is a luncheon day).  I'm going to take a picture next time so you'll believe me!  Anyway, we went to a local restaurant and had great food, fun, and company.  I was showered with clothes, toys, kitchen stuff, and bath stuff.  It's been 12 years since I did the whole baby shower thing and I forgot how fun it is to come home and set everything up!  Beth brought her famous crack brownies which got their name because they are so good they should be illegal, and you can't ever eat just one!  Pretzel bottom, brownie, chocolate glaze over the top....focus Jen.  Can't thank everyone enough, you guys are the best!
It says "Pick Me!"

Fun stuff!

After the shower was over we headed over to Anne and Rick's for some Friday night fun, food, and to celebrate my niece Olivia's 6th birthday.  I was dying to try my mega cupcake cake pan, and it turned out like a first try:)  Not quite my vision, but learned what to do different next time!
Happy Birthday Love!

I love buying her clothes!
On a random note, I came home the other morning from an errand and the girls had all their nesting dolls out.  Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with them!  They're just the cutest things ever!  I love that they love them too!

We booked our flights for our next trip...14th-25th.  Yep, we leave a week from tomorrow!  So ready to do this!  We will have S in our arms forever on the 16th!  Lot's to do before then...  

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