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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cheer Travel

The girls had 2 cheer competitions that involved travel.  One to Indianapolis and one to Dayton.  Indianapolis was a great set up, and the whole family went. 


Our newest obsession this winter has been steel cut oats in the crock pot.  They cook overnight and everyone can add their own toppings in the morning.  I tell you this because we actually brought the crockpot and made them in the hotel room.  Impressive huh?


Sof ate hers on the bathroom floor while I showered.  She of course had to compete early.



Both girls competed once Saturday and once Sunday.  Then the scores are combined for awards.



We had a pizza party Saturday night and the kids were running wild all over the hotel.


Then they were back at it in the morning!  Sof loves coach Alexa!


It was a fun family get away, and I love that they do this together. 


The Dayton competition wasn’t set up quite as well, but the girls still love any reason to stay in a hotel!


The competition itself was in an ice rink, and not a nice one.  IMG_3561IMG_3562

We were happy there was enough time in between the girls routines to sneak out for lunch!


Lexi’s team killed it!  They were right on point!


We were lucky we were done on Saturday because we needed to get home for a show Adrienne was in on Sunday. 


We stopped at Chili’s for a late dinner and the girls were so good.


I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but traveling occasionally is a fun experience and good bonding for the teams!

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