"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Sunday, April 5, 2015



February started with a couple snow days, which can be both fun and expensive.  After playing in the house gets old, you’ve got to find something else to do!  Em and I decided on pottery painting.


Lexi’s school had their science fair, which is always awesome!


Sof is still my happy learner:)


Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend, which was great for celebrating!


Sof had a couple outfits for the occasion.

IMG_3677Seriously, the sweetness here is off the charts.

Grandma Linda sent packages.

IMG_3682 We had our usual family party.  We all made our Valentines and delivered them.  It’s still a favorite activity, and it’s even cuter now that all the kids but Nat can write!


We always have gifts!


It looks like Christmas when we’re done!  I gave Kaitlyn and Adrienne matching Rex’s!


Adrienne and Nat…our biggest and smallest Valentines!


I love this tradition we have.  Once a year we make it a point to just get together and love.

IMG_3702 The middle girls spent some time with Grandma Linda over break.  Sof got to go this time, which was super exciting for her!  Em and I decided to drive them in and have a visit with Granmda. 


Adrienne wasn’t able to come with us, so later in the week just her and I drove back to get the girls and see Grandma.  Grandma loves to tell the stories of her treasures, and we love to listen.


In our last couple days of break we did dentist appts, found a new pizza place we love, and got haircuts.  Pretty productive break!



Sof was invited to her “boy” friend’s bday party:)


We had our one and only trip to the ski hill.  Between our schedule and the sub-zero temps, we just couldn’t get there anymore. 


The girls had a bring a friend day at cheer.  Of course they each chose a cousin.  Cousins are the best friends!


We had a day that was one degree too warm to be called off of school, so Sof wore her frozen shirt!


Lexi has been quite the baker.  She likes to make something right after school, so Sof has a treat waiting for her when she gets home!


Girl Scouts…why???  Why can’t you sell kale or something?


Science journal writing…


It was so cold all February, Sof got in the habit of covering Scratches up each morning before leaving for school!


Livy’s birthday comes so early in March it always sneaks up on us!  This year we were out to dinner the weekend before and decided to celebrate early!  She was totally surprised and not expecting it!


Our sweet Livy entered double digits…where is time going??

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