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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Love

Joni is having a baby.  Not just any baby…a GIRL!  To say we’re excited would be an understatement.  If only they lived closer. 

Joni and Dave came in at the beginning of March and we celebrated with a shower.  A baby shower of course.  I did shower that day though.  You get the idea.


This picture is taken at a terrible angle, but shows the pure joy of a grandma to be!  Anne is out of her mind obnoxiously out of control acting like it’s the second coming of Christ excited. 

I need to note that I used REAL plates.  I WASHED them for God’s sake.  This is a big deal.  I am a firm believer in Chinette.  For everything. 



I took pictures because, duh, I’m so fancy.  It might not happen again, so it needs to be documented. 

Beth made the dessert and knocked it out of the ballpark.  Everything she makes always tastes amazing, but her presentation is great too!


The cake pops were out of this world.


We had some children’s books for the guests to sign.  The girls all picked their favorites, so Paige will have a little piece of them on her bookshelf.  Adrienne loved “Swimmy”, Lexi loved “Go Dog Go”, and Sof loves “The Day The Crayons Quit”.  The rest were mushy mama picks;)

P3075744The girls turned me on to Baby Lips chapstick, and we knew that would be the perfect party gift!

P3075746None of this matters without the people though.  It was a perfect size group, enough to mix and mingle, but small enough to feel intimate.  People sat and really talked, lingered over their food and drink, and enjoyed ooohing and ahhhing over every teeny tiny gift that was opened.

P3075750P3075751If you’re looking for these two, they’ll be by the M&M’s.  All day. 




Dave’s sister was expecting a baby any day, so she and her mom weren’t able to make the trip, but sent a sweet bouquet of flowers.


In the weeks since, Rachel had a baby girl.  I’m pretty partial to little girl cousins, so I couldn’t be more thrilled for them!

As the shower was ending, the guys showed up to hang out for awhile.  Dave got some practice with lots of little girls running around, and we tested his Capri Sun straw skills.  B+.  He’s got a few years to perfect it though. 


The whole day felt so natural and calm.  I really don’t think anyone left feeling like they’d checked one more obligation off their list.  Now, it’s just time to have a baby!!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of my kids.  Because it’s my blog and I can overpost my kids if I want too. 

IMG_3904IMG_3905IMG_3907IMG_3908IMG_3910  IMG_3899

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