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Sunday, April 5, 2015


Every February Adrienne’s studio does a show of sorts.  It’s often ballet, but they did the Nutcracker this year, so they decided to do a kid friendly show.  They made it a combination of messages revolving around confidence, bully proofing, and being yourself.  The last third of the show was a Frozen theme. 

The cast list went up and she was cast as Elsa.  I wasn’t surprised, as she makes a perfect Elsa!

IMG_3432IMG_3433   She started out using a wig, but quickly figured out she could use her own hair.


She made lots of appearances in the younger classes.  As you can imagine this was a big hit with the little girls!


As rehearsals started Adrienne sent me the line up.  It was all vocals, with a lot of her singing alone.  Like a good mother I responded with, “You don’t sing????”.  Always up for a challenge she said, “I do now.”

I don’t doubt Adrienne ever.  Give her a challenge, and she’ll meet it.  But singing?  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she’s NEVER sung, but not solo, with a variety of songs, harmonizing with others, and with a large range.  I wasn’t sure she could pull this one off. 

IMG_4299IMG_4300IMG_4301IMG_4302 The day of the show came and Natalie was out of her mind!  She asked every 5 minutes when Elsa was coming on!


Livy was in the show too.  I can’t believe how old and mature she’s getting.  She’s such a beautiful girl!


The first two parts ended, and finally it was time for the Frozen cast.  When Adrienne came on there was an audible wow from the audience.  She looked amazing and commanded the stage. 



When it was time for her to sing, I held my breath a little.  She killed it.  Who knew? My kid can sing too.  People came up to me afterwards and asked, “Is there anything she can’t do?”  I guess not!



Never underestimate this girl!

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