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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Newest Teen


I begged to get a picture that morning, but in true teen fashion she was only willing to pose with her buddy Rachel on the way to the bus.  Here’s a nice picture of the back of her head though.


You can’t see it here, but the other side is just as beautiful.  Except her smile.  Not that it isn’t beautiful, but she has no teeth!  This year she has lost 10 teeth.  All at the same time!  We’ve been seeing an orthodontist for over two years, and he keeps telling her she’s got to lose more teeth before he can give her braces.  Now we just need the missing ones to grow in so there’s something to attach the braces too!

Lexi continues to be our lover, always taking care of everyone else.  She makes the best big sister.  Her newest passion is baking, and she’s quite good at it.  We always have fresh made treats in the house.  She has all A’s in school and will be dropping her math support class next year!  She’s a very conscientious student, and has learned to juggle her studies and cheer.  She’s got a drawer full of gum and still begs us to buy her more at the store.  She’s somewhere between a plate of tofu and pixie stick.  She’s as sweet as the sugar she loves.

This year was a quiet birthday.  No big parties, but a day well recognized.  Her friends at school decorated her locker.  We met with the cousins for dinner, and had a few gifts. 


She wanted to shop for most of her gifts, so that’s what we did!  Her request was to do her shopping with Livy, so we met Em at the mall on Sunday afternoon.


These two are the best of friends!  I love that they are so close!  Lexi had a purse full of cash and loved spending it! 

Happy Birthday my sweet Lexi Lu.  Welcome to your official teen years.  You’re my favorite middle girl  -Mom 


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