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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gotcha 4 Times Over

We recently celebrated Sof’s 4th gotcha day.  It never gets old.  It never gets less amazing.  In fact, each year it seems even more mind boggling that this little life came to us from across an ocean, with little information or expectations.  Yet today, I can’t even dream big enough for this girl.  She is busy, demanding, stubborn, a poor loser, and an attention hog(those are likely the traits she got from us).  Mostly though, she is joy and laughter, smart, athletic, personable, independent, and loves to learn.  I say this every year…but she brings us such joy.  She brings everyone around her joy.

IMG_4060Her gotcha day happens to be St. Patrick’s Day.  We pulled some strings and made sure she was the Leader of the Day that day.  Buster Bear came home the night before.


She got off the bus that day to temps that felt like a spring tease.  Buster spent a lot of the evening outdoors.



Meanwhile, inside, I was making her special treats!


She went to school the next day not knowing there was anything beyond that planned.  Lexi and I surprised her and picked her up at school.  She was anxious to tell us all about her day, and was bubbling with excitement.  Then we told her we were taking her to Chuck E. Cheese.  She loves that place, and I don’t mind it if you go right after school because you’re generally the only ones there!



We weren’t sure if this would hold Lexi! 

There was a new sketching machine that was pretty cool.  Lexi and I did it twice and couldn’t figure out where to look, much less when it was taking the picture!


Sof got in and posed.


Sof’s favorite place to eat is McDonalds.  Don’t judge.  We made plans to meet the cousins there.  Livy had to go to dance, so this was her only chance to see Sof.  These girls love to celebrate each other, so we made sure we made it happen!


Afterwards we went back to our house for dessert.  I try to keep it simple, because I don’t want any grand expectations year after year.  Just being together and recognizing the day, is what it’s about!


We did 2 little gifts, because I couldn’t resist!  She needed a scooter anyway, and Littlest Pet Shop toys always make her smile.


She also got flowers from Grandma Linda and a Frozen craft set from Aunt Anne and Uncle Rick.  She was well spoiled and recognized and loved.  She deserved every bit of it too.  

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