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Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of Vacation

The last few days of our vacation were jam packed, but relaxing and fun. We had a rainy day mid week which was okay. Just so happened 2 of Adrienne's girlfriends from home were in town for the day. We met up with them to shop(in some seriously pouring rain)and warmed up at the coffee shop for awhile. Great for Adrienne to connect with her school friends, and I enjoyed the grown up company!

All over town there were big fish that each store decorated to represent themselves. One was painted in chalkboard paint and you could draw on it. Of course it always busy with kids trying to leave their mark. On this day the rain scared away the people and washed the fish clean. What a treat to be the first to leave a mark!

Lexi got in on it later in the day!

Sof just had fun playing peek a boo!

We took advatage of Mark's dad's hotel pool for the rainy evening.

Grandma bought Sof a new toy.

We had some playtime with just the 5 of us.

We had a night out...just grown ups!

We had dinner out with the whole family.

We had a trolley ride.

We ate more ice cream.

Ran a 5K...

...and saw a parade.

Grand Haven 2011, that's a wrap!

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  1. Jen, would love to get these 2 together. Our family is traveling up to Michigan on Sunday Aug 14 to go to the Warren Dunes, is that far from you?

    Grand Haven looks like fun, some nice family time together.