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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sights and Smells

Smell update...no resolve. The AC guy they called out did not have the tools needed to figure out the problem(they need a camera to go through these ducts!). So, we have to deal with it for 3 more days, and then it's not our problem. Very frustrating though. I can tell you we have spent a fair share of our vacation dealing with the smell, maintenance guys, phone calls, and even installing a window AC unit. I hope we see some of our rental money back!! So, onto better stuff. We've enjoyed doing all our usual Grand Haven stuff. We never tire of these sights...

Farmers Market

Toy Store(We've bought everything from frogs to kites here)
Our favorite candy store.

We had a nice little birthday celebration last night also. I'm really bad with birthdays, I cannot remember anyone's! It's a really bad trait I have. This year though, I am enjoying seeing Sofie learn about birthday cakes, candles, and presents. She's totally into it! She tries to sing along with Happy Birthday and it's so cute! It was a good year too, because hubby got me an iPad!! The other day Lexi said, "Your present is something you'll use everyday, you'll take it to Starbucks, and sometimes Adrienne will use it". I honestly though it was going to be a Starbucks gift card! When I saw the box though I thought, "Could it be?". Yup. Good job Mark!

My forever friend Nan who lives two hours away and has a life as busy as mine. So lucky we get this time in Grand Haven with her and her family.

So much more, but too late to get it all in! More Grand Haven to come...

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  1. So good to see you yesterday! Glad the girls had some time too! Enjoy the rest of your week :)