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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Twin Beachin' It

The school I work at is called Twin Beach Elementary, and this week a few of my teacher friends from there came up to the cottage. We had a great time, I love these gals! I don't do high maintenance company. I will serve you your first drink, have the kitchen stocked, and plan/prepare meals. The rest you're on your own! These are the kind of friends that can totally hang with that. It was insanely hot again this week which was perfect for our water fun. We stuck around our lake the first day and went to Lake Michigan the next. It was perfect. We even ended the trip with a visit to the teacher store! What else would we do?
Top left is Amy. She's my share time partner, we share a class. She's adopting from Korea! You can follow her story at Ty, Ty, Special Guy. Bottom left is Beth, the other kindergarten teacher at our school. Bottom right is Mindy, the special ed. preschool teacher.

These two became fast buddies!
Crazy hair!

Amy and her sweet daughter Libby Lu!

Lexi reading to Libby one night to pass time before dinner.

These two had sooo much fun jumping the waves. The water was perfect!

Sof was determined to carry this pail of water back and forth. This girl has determination and has to do everything HERSELF! For her help is a four letter word!

We got home yesterday, unpacked and repacked for our next adventure. This week we'll be in Grand Haven with my family. How much do you need for a week...

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  1. The best time. Thanks again for having us. Can't wait for the next adventure. Love my TB family