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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun and Frustration

Normally when we come to Grand Haven we all stay in a house that my Grandma rents. With the addition of 2 kids this year, we just plain outgrew the house. So, my Grandma offered to rent a seperate condo for our family to stay in. It's just around the corner from the house, inbetween the beach and the town. Perfect! IF it didn't smell so bad...when we got here we just thought it was musty. Day 4 I can tell you FOR SURE there is something dead and decaying in the furnace/duct work. I am not an expert on that at all, but Mark is smart about this stuff. He called the owner(a well known Christian author and adoptive mom who shall remain nameless in case she fixes the problem and refunds our money to avoid me publicly shaming her) and he told her the next morning that he felt something was in the ducts. Long story short we've been arguing about it since and there has been no resolve. It is bad...very bad! Even if we leave the air off(if you know Mark you can imagine how that's going over), you can still smell it. Last night I lost my cool and after a few rants and a lot of back and forth between us/owner/maintenance guy, they have called a heating/cooling guy to come who agreed immediately that there is probably something dead in there(no kidding). They will be coming out today to clean the duct work, and I'm very confident that will do the trick. The whole situation just has me wanting to use explitives! Besides that we are having a great time. We love going to the beach, bumming around town in the evenings, getting ice cream, and shopping. Sof has been a trooper with all the late nights, skipped naps, and sitting in the stroller. Here's a little preview of what we've been up too!

Too many pictures to add all of them! I'll be back with beach pictures later! off to enjoy some sun:)
By the way, Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love all the pictures...looks like great family time. Are you sure Sofia wasn't there with you last year? She looks so comfortable there!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Try to enjoy the rest of your vay-k stink free!!! Ugh!