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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everyone Loves a Parade

We recently went to my hometown's festival parade. It was approached with much excitement. Mark, Emily and I were anticipating the fact that we were going to stop at Starbucks on the way, and the kids anxiously called grandma to remind her to bring bags for candy collecting.
When will it start?
What are we looking for??

How beautiful is my sister?

Finally the sound of sirens in the distance brought everyone to the curb. The sirens got closer and closer until they were right in front of us. Then they stopped...and they sat still in front of us...for a long time...siren's blaring!!!

Finally they moved on! My dad brought the parade to a halt several times by running out and shaking one of his buddy's hands.

There was no shortage of candy because my parents knew everyone throwing it!

After the parade it was time to go back to my parent's house for a well balanced lunch...

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  1. fun! I bet your sisters baby wasn't to happy to have the sirens blaring!