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Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a Fish, It's a Dog, No, It's a Boy!

One day while we were at cottage last week we went over to the beach. We loaded up 3 cars, 13 kids, and 6 adults. It was Sof's first time at the beach and she had a great time. It was the perfect day. Not too hot, not too windy, warm water, and not too crowded(well at least we didn't think so, but I'm sure as soon as we set up camp there was a collective sigh from all the single ladies w/ no kids in a 5 mile radius). There was water play, sand play, and mom's in beach chairs enjoying the sun.

Hands down the biggest entertainment was watching Alexander. He was like an out of control dog running from the water to the sand and rolling in each. This boy is joy overflowing! To say he loved the water and sand would be an understatement!

Do you think he's getting a little grit with that water?

Sof watching Alexander! Yes Sof, he's boy. They're like that...

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