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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Blink of an Eye

Where does time go? It's so cliche, but really? A week is but an instant these days. It was last Saturday we arrived home and decided we weren't ready to stop that summer vacation feeling. So, a few calls, a quick trip to the grocery store, and we had ourselves a get together. The kind of get together that only happens in the winter usually. That's because we're never home on a weekend in the summer. It's good to be home though and reconnect with friends. The kids were happy too. They miss their neighborhood buddies as much as we miss their parents! It was a night of relaxing and hanging out and kids running wild.

Love these two...frick and frack...Lexi and Jack!

The big girls like to pretend they are too cool for this kinda play, but the lure is too much. They put themselves in the line of fire, and then yell at Jack as if he instigated them getting wet!
Sof does not pretend, she is too cool for this. She looks at the others as if to say, "Why would I mess up this bow and dress for that nonsense?".
Uncle Rick got an unsolicited close encounter. Made the man's week.
Scratches got some much needed love and attention(and food).

It's good to be home, but even better to be off to the cottage again. It's inevitable when August hits feel the summer winding down. My partner called about getting to school to set up our room, we went to Target and bought school supplies, and I hit the Old Navy jean sale. Sigh. I bought a size 10 for my sweet Lexi Lou. When did that happen? I couldn't even buy jeans for Adrienne because she has to go in the adult section and try them on herself. Even the ones I bought for Sof were not sized by months, but just a straight 2T. Like I said here, I knew it would come to soon...

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