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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Day of School!

The long awaited last day of school has come. I love summer. Our whole house changes. Mama doesn't go to work, kids don't go to school, and Adrienne even has an occasional day off of dance. Mama doesn't get up at 5:15am to get in a run before work, Adrienne doesn't get up at 5:45 to spend too long on her hair before school, and Lexi doesn't have to be woken from her sweet slumber before her body is ready. There is more ice cream, late nights, friends, and sleep overs. Just like everything though, it has it's downside. With each passing school year my babies grow up. Adrienne will be in 7th grade, which means the next year I'll be facing her last year of middle school, which means the next year we'll be looking at high school!! Gasp. Lexi will be a 4th grader. That's UPPER elementary! It's in the last hall! Even Sof will go off to preschool next fall. With that she begins the process of moving away from me and into the world. She will make friends, get rid of her diapers, and eventually have a day where she doesn't look back when she walks into class. Don't get me wrong, I'd be an awful parent if my children didn't do these things. Honestly, it's just easier when their whole world depends on you. Sharing them with the world is the hard part. Then again, what a shame to raise such beautiful, wonderful children and not see them go off and create some change in the world. I think school ending and beginning is a bigger milestone than birthdays. Maybe because I'm a teacher, my mind just works in school years. For now I think I'll just enjoy the summer with my three girls before they officially jump to the next step...
First Day

Last day

First Day

Last day

Not a 7th grader yet...

Not a 4th grader yet...

Mommy's last day of school too! Yeah!

Just because you don't go to school doesn't mean you can't celebrate with donuts!

No reason to wait on the summer fun. It's too short anyway...

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