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Monday, June 13, 2011

1st Cottage Weekend 2011

We're not out of school yet, but it sure felt like summer this weekend! We headed off to our cottage on Friday in a van with 5 kids, 3 adults, and a German Shepard. At first I was thinking, "Why am I going this weekend?". As soon as we got there though I remembered. I remembered all the things I love about cottage weekends. As I remembered, I watched Sofie discover. She seemed instantly at home. They say home is where your family is...I hope she gets that! I love being there because it feels like a vacation. It feels miles away from home and responsibilities that go with it. We have just what we need there. A couple books, a pair of jeans, a pair of pajamas...why do we have so much STUFF at home?? I spend more time enjoying my kids. Sitting in the driveway watching them catch frogs and ride bikes. When was the last time I did that at home? No classes to hurry off to, no lunches to pack, no homework. Bring it on summer, we're ready!
We're here!

Oh yeah...this is fun!

Meeting Mimi and Papa

I know I'm only supposed to eat in the kitchen, but if the wood floors are everywhere how can I tell where the kitchen ends?

Getting a ride from Lexi

The boots are her new favorite things! Good-bye bows and matching outfits, socks, and shoes. Hello messy hair, rain boots, and hand me downs. Ahhhh, summer.

Golf cart rides. This falls under the catagory of "things you let a 2 year old do IF she's the third kid".

Daddy pleeeease get the boat in the water! We want to tube!!

Fun in the Driveway...

Pre-teens...so boring

Planting sunflower seeds

The sprinkler is scary, better hold on to Dad!

Can't wait to do this again next weekend!

For us summer means lots of time spent at the cottage with family, friends, and lazy day fun. So happy our Sof is here this year to experience it:)

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  1. It does look like fun. We are going to our lake house in a couple weeks, and then I will be able to enjoy family togetherness at its best. Enjoy it while the kiddos are still young, because now the older kiddos have to work and can't get off as often. Boo! Sof looks great and it looks like she loves her daddy now!