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Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Cottage Firsts

We had another beautiful weekend at the cottage! Besides Sof tubing we had a couple of other firsts! My sister had baby Natalie out at the cottage this weekend(she usually stays at Grandma's). So, Natalie got her first boat ride!

Look Natalie, I've been around a lot longer so let me give you some advice...You gotta get some of these glasses!

This picture is somewhat disturbing. Yes, that is a six year old driving the boat. I guess someone should tell her she needs to look up!

Kaitlyn desperately wants to kneeboard like the big girls. She has tried several times, but it always ends with her changing her mind(and some tears). She decided she wanted to try it again so Adrienne got her all ready. It ended like this...

Saturday night was Sof's first trip to the ice cream shop by our cottage. The kids always love to get ice cream, but they love playing in the field behind it just as much! Mark's friend Rick and his 2 kids were out for the day. His wife was out of town so we missed her, but the more the merrier!

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