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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Preschool, Day 2

Sof went back to school today. She started pulling back as soon we hit the door. Today she knew what was going to happen. When I left, she cried. Hard. Luckily, I've known the director of Premiere Preschool, Miss Kathy, for a very long time. Our daughters dance together, and I'm embarrassed to admit I even took a dance class with Kathy way back before our daughters were even born! We've spent hours talking about curriculum and what preschoolers need to be prepared for Kindergarten. So, I know this is a quality program, I know the teachers are chosen with care, I know they are there for kids and I know they will love my child. All of that happened today. She was consoled, cuddled, and convinced to join in the fun. Not only did she have fun, she already made progress. When I went to pick her up she was again excited to show me what she was doing. She ran over and picked up a baby doll!! Probably not a big deal to most parents, but for Sof it is huge! She has NEVER held a baby doll. She will play with them if they are in a highchair or stroller, but does not like you to take them out. The teachers even noticed that yesterday and asked me about it. Today, after just 2 days of watching the other kids, she was holding the doll. Sofie is very observant, and it's so great for her to be with other kids seeing them interact and play. I'm totally happy with my decision to send her!

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