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Friday, August 19, 2011

What Goes Up Must Come Down

We are taking advantage of every last day that the heat rises enough for us be in water. The other day that meant getting ourselves packed and in the car and out to the water park. It was new waterpark that I hadn't been to. My sister and her kids had scoped it out, and Kaitlyn had declared it perfect for Sof. My sweet Kaitlyn...love her. She has one volume, loud. She reasons with you like an experienced school counselor. She is the problem solver. Tangent. So, Kaitlyn was so excited to show Sof the little water slide just right for her! We went immediately to it. Sof is skiddish with water. If it's shallow and still it's her friend, if not, she's not going near it. Period. She trusts and loves her cousin though, so she followed her up the steps and watched her sit down and slide, and then did exactly the same thing. Success, until she slowed down and stopped near the end. Then came confusion, followed by her trying to crawl back up the slide, followed by panic. At this point there was no choice but for me to slide down and rescue my baby. End of slide(so I thought).

We moved on to bigger and better slides. We splashed in pools and water fountains,and rested in the sun.

Still, the failed slide attempt lingered. My Sof is a rock star though, so of course she had to try again. She marched herself back up there, all 2 1/2 feet of her ready to conquer. She sat down and I gave her little push to assure she got to the end. Success. My poor sister had to spend the next hour catching her at the bottom of that slide! I stayed at the top to make sure she got on okay, but she soon did not need me. She would climb right in and sit down, and Kaitlyn would go before her and meet her at the end. My favorite part? There were some bigger girls sliding also. They were in a hurry and didn't want to wait for a two year old to go before them. I get it, but I still had my mommy feathers ruffled watching them try to cut in front of my girl. Silly me, I forgot she's a Culley. She actually put her hand up and yelled, "Stop!" She holds her own...LOVE IT! You go girl.

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  1. Jen, I found your blog and it looks like Sofia was about the same age as our little one at referral. We are headed out next week for trip one. Do you have any advice on what to take/expect? Crystaldechant@gmail.com.