"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Friends So Near Yet So Far

This past week we reconnected with two different sets of friends that don't live near us. Our friends Rick and Traci and their kids came to our cottage. I haven't seen Traci in about a year, and so missed her company. She's the kind of friend I don't see often, but instantly feel comfortable with. We enjoyed laketime, food, campfire, and even snuck out to Starbucks.

I had to add this picture because it's the only one I took. Who gets out their camera and then only takes this picture? Me I guess! I don't even know why I took this one, doesn't show much! Oh well, I guess it just means we'll have to get together again soon.

Later in the week my old teaching partner Dana and her family came for a visit from Connecticut. Oh how I miss her. As soon as she walked in it felt like she's never been gone. It was a wierd day for me with lots going on, but seeing them was like nothing else mattered. So easy, low maintenance(think Chinese take-out!), and great fun.

My kids were so excited all day to see them! Our kids are not anywhere near in age either, except Sof! It's funny to think a couple years ago we went to Disney with them when their little boy Brady was just a year old.

Sof was not even a picture in our wallet then. This fall Sof and Brady will both turn 3 within a few weeks of each other! The even crazier thing is that Sof looks like their little girl Ava! Never in a million years did I think Dana and I would have kids the same age. What a difference a year makes:)


  1. Holy cow!! Brady and Ava look so big!! I wouldn't have recognized Brady if I didn't know you were getting together!!

  2. So glad you got to have some quality time with your old friends. Connecting with old friends somehow makes us stop and take a breath in the crazlife we live.