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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kaitlyn and the Kneeboard

Kaitlyn and the kneeboard have a love hate relationship. She desperately wants to be on it riding behind the boat, but she just hasn't been able to get there. She thinks about it, talks about it, gets in the water and holds it, and still, can't bring herself to do it. She had one close call when she actually got on it and started out, but unfortunatly wasn't strong enough to hang on. Landed face first in the water resulting in a crying fit of frustration. Have I mentioned the summer's coming to an end? I know, it's redundant, and even a bit obsessive of me. Anyway, it's ending, like it or not, and soon we will be saying things like, "Remember Sofie's first summer?", and "Remember when Sofie was so little on that tube?" and "Remember when Kaitlyn wanted to kneeboard so badly?". Well, after this weekend we will now say, "Remember last summer when Kaitlyn finally got up on the kneeboard?". Yep, she did it. These girls of ours rock. I like strong girls ready to take on the world and conquer it all. Whatever water, with your waves and splashes in the face, thinking you're all cool and everything. Bring it on. You're nothing compared to our girls!

The look of satisfaction.

The great thing about the cottage? There's always a buddy. A sister or a cousin or a friend to either go with you, or before you, or cheer you on.

Summer 2011, the summer Livy lost her 2 front teeth. Just when we though she couldn't get any cuter!

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  1. awww good for her. Love summer at the lake, thats my ideal summer also.