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Sunday, December 19, 2010

We're in Frankfurt...

Typical Culley travels.  Culley's + airplanes = hassel.  Dana and Jeff remember...we drove to Florida last year from the airport(Thanks Delta).  We got to the airport yesterday and found out that all connecting flights out of Amsterdam (Mark calls it Amsterdam-it) were grounded.  Thanks again Delta for letting us know before we came to the airport.  In true Delta style they did absolutely nothing to help us.  I hope the president/CEO is reading this...shove your airline up your bleep.  Did I mention I begged the "customer service representitive" to get me to St. Pete because I have a baby there waiting for me?  Could you have a better sob story?  Guess what she did for me?  She said, "We got you booked on a flight, go check in!".  Elation and tears.  We go to check in, she did not book us on the flight, she put us on a stand by list on a flight already overbooked.  What???  I understand weather, I understand cancellations, but lying to get me off the phone???  Just to clarify for those who know me real well, I totally kept my calm, and was very nice.  Thanks to a combined effort of Continental, United, and Lufthansa, we ended up getting a flight to Frankfurt(at seriously the last minute) and now we are sitting in Starbucks waiting for our flight to St. Pete.  At the end of the day we are going to make it to see our sweet S.  This trip falls under "what you would do for your kid".  Anything.  I'll walk, just get me there.  We're almost there and all is well.  A side note to Adrienne and Alexa (and any of my Kindergartners whose parents will cliff note this for them!)...Daddy and I always say no matter what job you are doing, do it right and to the very best of your ability.  There was ONE woman who cared enough to do her job and get us a flight.  Thanks Dawn from Continental, we owe you!      


  1. Seriously, that is typical Culley travels but I like the part that you end up at a Starbucks. We miss you already and can't wait to hear updates!! Thank you for texting Anne, we chatted this morning and they were so worried about you last night!!

  2. Wow, about to be expected. I totally love Lufthansa, we never had a problem with them, well only if you count a Icelandic Volcano, but they Totally came thru for us. Good luck with the rest of the trip. remember to take a deep breath and breath. Remember to enjoy your time with your baby. Sally