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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  We made it home from St. Petersburg without any trouble.  Smooth flights that left on time...okay, thanks Delta.  It was bittersweet leaving, but it just means we're one step closer to bringing S home for good.  I was SO happy to see the girls!  They were SO excited to see video of sweet S.  I could watch it over and over and each time I see something different!  Mark and I both slept good that night and were ready for Christmas Eve.  We had our usual routine, open house style from 3-6, then gifts and dinner with CF, Sal and Don.  Had a great time, girls looked cute in their dresses.  Can't believe another year has come and gone.
Don, Sal, CF, Lexi, Me, Mark, and Adrienne(by the way...I'm wearing heels and Adrienne is wearing flats, my 12 year old has already surpassed me!  So happy for her, she won't be vertically challenged!)

Anne, Rick, and Joni Denyes

Steve, Em, Olivia and Kaitlyn
(Baby Freitag in belly!)
Christmas Day was a treat, Emily hosted!  I'm totally into Emily hosting.  If I knew I'd like it this much I would have bought them a house much sooner!  JK-I actually love hosting, but it was nice to keep the mess at their house this year!  We had a great dinner and the kids got everything on their lists.  It was a very relaxing day!  Can't believe it's over...Christmas 2010. 

Who's due first? 

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