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Friday, December 17, 2010

Tomorrow's the day...

This last two weeks has been kind of a blurr, and I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow(really, I can't believe it!).  It's been so smooth because all our great friends and family totally stepped up to the plate!  There has been a whirlwind of information the past several days.  L is a Russian woman who works at our agency.  It was so great to talk to her.  She prepares you for the cultural differences, what to expect in each phase of the trip, and a little reality break mixed in.  When I got off the phone with her I was excited not only about meeting S, but also about seeing the country.  The other great news is that there will be another woman there at the same time as us, in our same hotel, from our agency.  It will be great to have someone else there to talk to about the experience.  We spoke on the phone, and she seems like a lovely person and already has two adopted daughters from China.  She is very knowledgeable about foreign adoption and I think will be a great resource!  I did all my packing yesterday and tonight need to do some household chores.  The kids will be in good hands with my mom and sister.  No school, dance or gymnastics schedules to keep up with.  Adrienne will barely notice we are gone(only if it inconveniences her-typical 12 year old), and Lexi of course can't stop thinking about orphans.  This morning she asked if we could all go to Russia someday to see where S was born, and later she reminded me that I will be her mommy forever!  I teased her that forever was along time and what if I wanted to quit?  She said I can't quit my mommy job but if I want to quit my wife job I just break up with daddy!  LOL, where does she get that stuff???  She also said, "Some child went to the orphanage today".  She totally gets it, so Lexi, she's going to be a missionary!  That's all for now, off to eat dinner with my girls and at least vacuum!  Next post should be from Russia!  Hugs!   

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