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Sunday, December 19, 2010

We made it!

We got into St. Petersburg tonight around 8:30(their time, 12:30 home time).  We were literally the last flight leaving Frankfort, and now they are closed.  I'm not even thinking about the return flight, 3 days has to be enough time to clear some snow??!!  Yes, you read that right, we only have 3 days here.  It already doesn't seem like enough time with S.  We enjoyed the drive from the airport to the hotel.  Such amazing architecture here, and we only got to see it in the dark!  Our driver was very nice but spoke little english.  We got along alright with hand motions!  The strip we are on is like Magnificant Mile in Chicago.  Tons of shopping and restaurants.  Once we checked in, we got a bite to eat in the hotel bar which was very good(and expensive!).  It was great to sit and eat and take in the last 36 hrs. and the coming 72!  Now we are back in our room and trying to get our stuff ready for the morning.  I have packed my bag with the toys I bought for S, and I can't believe we will get to use them tomorrow!  So much anticipation!  We get picked up at 9:15 tomorrow morning(just 9 hours away!) and we will go first to our MOE appt. and then to the orphanage.  While you all are sleeping we will be meeting S!  Hopefully when you wake up I will have updates on our visit!  That's all for now, going to try to convince our bodies it's bedtime! 
St. Petersburg Airport
A balmy -11 when we landed!

Everything is decorated for Christmas



  1. So glad you guys made it! How will we sleep knowing you are meeting that sweet baby girl! Take tons of pictures!!!!
    Love you guys-
    Steph and Brian

  2. So excited you are there! We can't wait to talk to you guys! I will be headed to your house tomorrow and will bring the computer and keep it on! Girls are excited to talk to you...especially Lexi :)

  3. Oh how exciting. Love St. Petersburg! If Svetlana is your translator, please, please tell her we said HI! Can't wait to hear more. Let me know what baby home you will be at.

  4. Hi Sally! Svetlana is our translator, just about to go down to the lobby to meet her! I'll tell her you said Hi, and I should know the baby home soon...

  5. Waiting to hear how things are going! You guys are probably going to crash after the visit, and your heads will be spinning with everything going on!