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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Day To Remember

We've waited so long for this day I can't believe it's over.  I'm going to try to get all the details in, but I was so concentrated on our girl I don't know if I'll remember everything!  She is everything I imagined and expected!  We got to her orphanage(Sally and Amber-#16!) just after lunch and before nap time so our time was oh so short.  We first met with the doctor and social worker to go over all of her information.  In the middle of the meeting a caretaker opened the door and had S with her!  We were so unprepared for that!  I think we both gasped at the sight of her, and we tried not to start bawling and scare her even more!  Imagine being thrown into the arms of two complete strangers who talk weird!  She cried and I held her, but she was very scared.  The doctor took her and she sat happily on her lap.  She played with things on the desk and responded to what the doctor was saying to her.  She obviously felt loved and comforted by her.  From there we were supposed to finish our meeting which I totally couldn't concentrate on because there was my child just 5 feet away!  I'll have to ask some questions tomorrow to clarify some things!  Then we went into a room and they left the 3 of us there.  We got out the toys we brought and started engaging her in those.  She had NO interest in the baby doll!  She took right away to a book with flaps and sound buttons.  She sat on my lap and turned the pages for awhile.  After a bit another couple joined us with their daughter.  They are here for their second trip.  Their daughter is a firecracker!  She was dancing and smiling and very social.  S kept watching and taking it all in.  She's very observant and contemplative.  I think even when she warms up that is her personality.  She was terrified of Mark.  We got a family picture but only if I held her on the opposite side of him!  The children don't see men often so it is common.  We'll work on that tomorrow!  I got a puzzle out and she seemed to know what it was right away.  She took the pieces out and tried to put them back in.  She got a couple pieces right by herself, and if you show her the spot she'll move the piece around to try to make it fit(Barb Winters I know you'll love that!).  We're pretty certain she's a genius.  Finally she started taking a piece and showing it to me, then I would say yay, and she would put it in.  We got a faint smile while she was doing this!  Then all of the sudden they came in and whisked her away for her nap.  We weren't prepared or ready to say good bye!  She happily went to the caregiver, which was great to see.  The orphanage is very clean, lots of toys, great outside play area, and the staff were wonderful.  They obviously have bonded with the kids which is what you want to see.  She should be afraid of us and she should be happy to see familiar faces. Tomorrow we will see her again and I will be counting the hours!  I can't wait to have her in my arms again:)


  1. She's beautiful and a perfect fit for our family. Can't wait to show her a grandma's hug!

  2. I have teared up several times over the pictures my mom sent and now this! :) So great to hear all the positive reports. I'm so happy for you guys and dear sweet Sophia.

  3. Holy cow.... I bawled while reading this!! So happy for all of you! Enjoy your time with her and she'll return with you in no time!! Congratulations :)

  4. I waited ALL day for this post! We can't wait to meet S and love her as much as we do A & A. What torture to have her in your arms and than have to say goodbye! The kids are crowded around me and all wanting to see her perfect face........email us more pictures!!!!!!!
    xoxo to you guys and S

  5. So excited for you guys! She's beautiful, Emily shared the pics with us earlier today.

    Andrew, Ellen & Mimi & Papa Johnson

  6. Oh how wonderful, and what a blessing. God is Good! Our Ava came from #16, and they truly are a blessing there to love the children. email me at sallyhills69 @ yahoo.com if you want. (take out the spaces)

  7. AWESOME!!! Love the picture as well!!

    Our little guy was VERY observant as well. He came out of his shell a little bit by the end of the week but I think he is going to be calm and observant in nature (sounds a lot like your little one).

    Have a blast with her!!!!!