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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Last of the Birthdays

We have so many birthdays in March and April that honestly, by the time it gets to Kaitlyn we’re a little lack luster with the celebration.  My sweet Peanut turned 7 though, and that’s important.  


She shares the same big heart as Lexi.  Always concerned about everyone else, and always wanting to help.  A little mother in the making, practicing first on her baby dolls, and now on the real thing-baby Natty!  For awhile it looked as though she would be the baby of the cousins.  What a shame that would have been!  She is at her best when she is taking care of little sister and cousin.




We had some dinner, presents, and playtime.  Natty Bug decided that Uncle Mark was her buddy for the night!

2I love the sequence of singing and candle blowing pictures.  It captures her personality exactly!  She would gladly step aside and let the spotlight go to someone else if they wanted it, but she appreciates relationships.  Her heart is happy when it is her time to shine!






Happy Birthday Peanut!  May all your wishes come true. XOXO


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