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Monday, April 29, 2013

Livin’ the Life

We’re busy gettin’ on with the goings on.  There’s been a lot of dance stuff that has pulled Mommy and Adrienne away from the house on evenings and weekends.  Sof has a hard time with that.  She needs her Mommy time.  She’s been a little weepy at school drop off’s. 


She’s been a little clingly.


I even woke up one morning and realized she was in my bed.


She seems to have learned to make her own lunch though, so I guess that’s a good thing!  In our house, if you want something done right now, do it yourself.  If you want something done when it’s convenient, by all means wait for mama.  


We had our Friday morning coffee date.  She waits all week for “Mommy and Sofie Morning” as she calls it.  A little glimpse of her as a teen(or maybe sooner)…


Even Lexi was missing me a bit.  She asked if we could get ice cream before we picked Adrienne up from dance.  I told her dad was doing pick up, but he’d probably love an ice cream!  She said, “I want you to take me”.  I made sacrifice and had to eat ice cream.  What else was I supposed to do?:)


We haven’t had even a peek of spring this April.  In fact, on April 24, it looked like this:


Really?  I can’t even stand it anymore.  Just when I thought I couldn’t take another cold, wet day, we got a ray of sunshine!  It’s amazing what we packed into that one lonely sunny day!

22 We played outside in the back yard.

49We went to the park.



We actually saw shadows!  ‘Cause sun is needed for those.


How cute are my cowboy boots?  Yeah, I know, sooooooooo cute!

We even took a walk.  Well, we walked and Sof rode her bike.  She made it all the way! 


More good weather seems to be on the horizon…dare I get my hopes up? 


Even scratches loves the nice weather, but at night she wants to be snuggled next to her Lexi!

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