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Monday, April 29, 2013

Let’s Dance

This weekend was the the last in a string of 3 weekends full of dance.  That means for 3 weeks in a row we’ve been up before 6am everyday!  That, we will not miss!  Dance rules our lives though, and this is the time we actually get to see the hard work pay off.  I’ve said this before, but we’re not a competition studio.  Our kids are trained to perform and enter the entertainment industry if that’s their ambition.  We always do a couple competitions for the experience though.  It’s fun, we don’t care if we win(although we almost always do:), and it’s a chance for the kids to practice their dances on stage and for an audience.     


Before the weekend we had rehearsal.  Livy is in a class that competes too, so we got to see her dances as well!




So maybe I’m a little jealous of those muscles.


I love seeing all the kids warming up!  It’s awesome to see them all together!

4 This is how dance kids do dinner.


Competition means early mornings and long days.  Mark took Lexi and Sof to Kalamazoo for the weekend.  My mom had knee surgery a couple weeks ago, so she’s been recouping.  A visit from the grandkids was a perfect pick me up!  The good result of me being busy, is that Sof gets more time with Daddy, which reminds her that Daddy is a lot of fun.  I thought she would have a tough time with me not going to K-zoo with her, but she was up and ready before Daddy even got out of bed!


Let’s go Daddy!!


Saturday was Livy’s day to compete.  Adrienne also teaches 2 classes, so she was there with them.  She didn’t dance until Sunday though!


My sister wasn’t so lucky to have her little ones out of town!  She had to keep this bug entertained all day!


Sunday we had to leave the house by 6:30am, and Adrienne wasn’t feeling very fierce! 


Once everyone got there and warmed up, they found their mojo and shined on stage!  It was an earlier afternoon finish, which left time for dinner out.  Always the favorite part of any dance event!


This girlPointing up is graduating this year.  She’s going to a small college in Maryland on a sizable scholarship to study dance and pre-med.  The boy in the front right will be going to NYU to study dance and chemistry.  And they’re both nice to boot!  So proud of all our dancers!

10It never fails, once they’ve eaten the sillies come out.  They decided to give Adrienne a new look. 

11      Crazy kids!

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