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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break

Last week was spring break, and let me tell you, EVERYONE we knew was someplace warm.  Not only that, but they had the nerve to Instagram and Facebook pictures of themselves on beaches and by palm trees.  Jerks.  We were home and it might as well have been called winter break.  This cold weather is dragging on and on and on.  I’m done with it.  Okay, I’m done being bitter.

We spent the week getting our house ready to put on the market.  We cleaned rooms and closets, had the carpet cleaned, and the bathroom grout cleaned and sealed.  Amazing what a difference that makes!  I actually really like my house now! 


In cleaning out my girls rooms I realized we have enough plastic thinga-ma-jigs to last a lifetime.  I vow never to buy another holiday thinga-ma-jig just for the sake of buying it.


(That’s a garbage bag for the record)

Although those tasks didn’t qualify as “fun”, it felt really good to get them done.

We couldn’t let the whole week go by without some real fun though!  Lexi spent a few days with Grandma Linda and Papa Curt.  When they brought her back we took the opportunity to have a dinner out.  All 11 of us(6 of them kids) at Hibachi!  Dinner was fabulous, and the kids were very good(just don’t ask the people around us). 



Sof spent a day with Aunt Anne and Uncle Rick at the farm and playground.  It was not warm, but Sof doesn’t ever care about that.  Props to Aunt Anne for braving the playground!  She came home with a name plaque for her room and couldn’t wait to do it!



We went to lunch and the children’s theater with my partner Amy and her daughter and niece. 


We went to see “The Velveteen Rabbit”.  It was very cute!  We love this little theater.  In fact I’ve seen this play once before there when the big girls were little.



Big girl and I squeezed in a lunch date and hair cut.  She’s super cool.  Like I’m lucky she lets me be seen with her.  Oh yeah, I have the moneySmile with tongue out


We celebrated Grandpa Culley’s Birthday on Sunday afternoon.  Early dinner of kabobs, and some hang out time.


After that we headed over to Em’s for a quick celebration of Natty’s Bug’s birthday!  I really mean quick!  Got there at 7, had a brownie, open a present, and out by 8:30!  We just couldn’t pass up her day, and lately it’s hard to find another time to do it. 




Who is this big 2 year old girl and what did you do with my baby Natty?


This girl is obsessed with 2 things…baby dolls and daddy.



What she’s not into is attention.  She did not particularly care for the singing and candle thing.


P1012862  P1012863


She had no problem eating the brownies though!  Happy Birthday Little Bug!  No matter how old you get, you’ll always be the baby:)

With that came the end of spring break.  We squeaked out some fun right up until the end.  At some point on Sunday Amy texted me to tell me her and her husband both had the stomach flu.  This is bad for 2 reasons.  One, we were out on the town with them the night before(and I shared a coffee mug with her), and two because she is supposed to show up at work to relieve me half way through the day. 

80We’ve determined it was food poisoning.  We all ate the same thing, but her and Chris both had Caesar salads, and Mark and I didn’t.  It was painful for both of us.  She was puking for 24 hours, and I had to work ALL day on the first day back from break!  I think she could have sucked it up and come to work, but now she owes me, so that’s nice:)

With that, it’s been back to the grind.  At least I’ve found some time for blogging!  Cold, rainy days are to thank for that…grrrrrrrr.


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