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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celebration Times 2

There’s two big celebrations at the Culley house in March…Sof’s Gotcha Day and Lexi’s Birthday.  They just so happen to be a day apart.  This poses the age old dilemma…how to make each feel special even though they are sharing their day.  I don’t know why I worry about these things.  Cultural mama guilt I suppose.  Once the day gets here I remember it’s special enough in itself to have a sister to share with.  There is nothing lost and everything gained for these two.


Blurry, but too sweet not to include…


We did a simple dinner (actually it was breakfast for dinner per Lexi’s request) with family.  Aunt Anne and Uncle Rick had another commitment that day, but they made sure to stop by.

3They brought Sof a bear who has since been dragged many places and ridden around on bikes and jeeps.

67   Emmy also had a present hit, dress up clothes!  You can’t go wrong with those these days:)




It’s a shame no one loves this kid.  Hee hee.

If I had written this post on that day, or even close to it, I would have written all sorts of things about the miracle of this child.  But I didn’t, and I’m kinda over it now:)  Anyway, Adrienne pointed out in the last post there’s 32 pictures of Sof and only one of her(and Sof’s in it:).  That’s what happens when you’re a teenager and never home, or constantly say, “ Don’t post that, I look awful”!  So, I will assume our adoration is implied(for both children:).

Lexi turned 11.  Such a different birthday for her!  Her gift list was very different.  She wanted clothes and accessories!


Livy was so sweet and wanted to buy her some earrings with her own money.  She wrote a special card and wrapped it up just from her.


Lexi’s gotten so much taller now that new golf clubs were a must!


She’s already been to the range a couple times.  Now if we could just get a temp over 50 we’d be in business!

The biggest thing she wanted was a new look for her hair.  She’s been begging me for “side bangs” for months.  My answer to that is NO!  Unless you can really get up and blow dry/straighten/curl your own hair, you may not have any funky lengths!  She’s getting there, but not quite ready yet.  We agreed on a little face framing and some highlights, which I think turned out beautiful!

9  5


Of course we had to have lunch after!


Her other request was dinner at her favorite restaurant on her special day.  I love that she eats with chopsticks!

photo   2


If you had asked me in August how I felt about Lexi being in her last year of elementary school, I’d have said she was no where near ready!  At some point this year though, she made the jump.  She’s looking, sounding, and acting like the preteen she is!


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