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Monday, April 18, 2011

Watch Out LA, Here Comes Adrienne!

Adrienne left on Saturday(I'm a little behind because of my computer frustation!) for LA with her dance group. They are having an amazing time, and I wish I could be there! Originally I was supposed to go with her, but Russia had other plans in mind:) She's staying with an amazing mom and her two girls, so she's in great hands! While there Adrienne will take class with some of the best in the dance world, meet dancers from all 50 states and 28 other countries, perform at Disneyworld, and much much more! We're so proud of her and excited for her to have this experience! A few pics from before she left...

BAD quality picture sent from Adrienne's phone, but if you're at all in the dance world you will be able to make out Adrienne with Ade and Melissa from "So You Think You Can Dance". They performed "This Woman's Work" live. So jealous!!!


  1. I am so not in my element with this dance stuff. It sounds like Adrienne dances as much as Trevor does soccer, football and basketball. Now does she dance for her school, cheerleading or something also?

  2. Hey Jen! It's Disneyland in California not Disneyworld...haha just thought I would point that out :)

  3. I'm SO jealous too!! I hope she's having a great time!