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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sofie Goes to Grandma Jackie's House

On Monday Sofie and I drove a couple hours to where my family lives. It's the first long car ride for Sof, and she did great. Watched her video, had a snack, and slept. We went to my Grandmother's house because she will be moving out in a couple weeks to and independant living facility. I was helping her go through some of her things and Sofie was just enjoying running all over! While I was distracted she kept going into her diaper bag and getting snacks out. Then she would hide in the hallway with them. She thought she was pretty tricky!

I'm so glad I have pictures of Sofie at Grandma's house! She loves her Grandma Jackie:)

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  1. That girl is becoming a Culley more and more everyday. Sneaky little Sof.