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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too Big and Bath Success

I had to do a "Too Big" post because I had just read Sally's "Too Big" post when this happened! I was cleaning out my closet and had a big pile of clothes on the ground. Sof was running around and before you know it she was trying on my pants! She thought it was so funny! So did I:)

As I was finishing up the last of the closet I said, "You have to take a bath! It's getting late!". Sof understands so much now, so she started kinda pacing in the bathroom wimpering. She still hates bathtime but knows it's gotta happen. While I was running the water she started playing with one of the bath balls. I told her to throw in the tub and she did. Then she got into to it and threw all the bath toys in! Before last night she has never shown any interest in any of the bath toys, even outside the tub. When I put her in the tub she started playing and stayed in for at least 1/2 an hour. At one point Mark, Adrienne, Alexa, and I were all in the bathroom cheering her on! Who would think taking bath would be such a momentous occasion! She still cried when I washed her hair, but then so did my other kids at that age. Just so great to see her enjoy such a normal childhood activity. Gives me hope for the pool and lake this summer!

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  1. ahhhhhh, love it. I love that they try on our clothes, its fun to play pretend. Yea, for bathtime. I agree, it is great to get them used to it before the lake and pool season. We have got to get those two cuties together sometime.