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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Last Few Days in Pictures

Yesterday started our spring break so I have all 3 girls home this week! We started with the perfect morning! I snuck out to the gym before anyone got up, and then grabbed a Starbucks. I was able to come home and totally shower and get ready with no little people awake! Lexi was the first one up. We got some needed one on one time and decided to make muffins for breakfast. Sofie slept until 8:40(a first!) and Adrienne was actually up a few minutes before. Perfect timing! We were all able to eat together:) If only every morning started that way...
Adrienne made me promise to say she did not approve of this picture!

Later in the morning we went to a place called "Pump It Up". It's one of those indoor jumping places. Alexa is having her birthday party there on Saturday, so I thought it might be a good idea to expose Sof to it before then. She was fairly traumatized to start with, but after awhile she got interested in the balls that are in one of the bounce houses. She played quite happily with those but never got the hang of jumping. I'm glad we went though because I think she will be more comfortable and play on Saturday. Interesting note...she wanted to play with every curly haired Mama there. Okay, there's not that many of them, but there were 2! She was interested in both and instantly went to them.
This is me traumatizing the poor child on the slide.
Sofie and her cousin Kaitlyn
Awful picture, but had to post it. Alexa didn't want her picture taken so she was shooting me with the ball gun. She had just hit me!
Playin' with Aunt Emmy

It was so warm when we left I decided later in the day to take Sof outside. It's been awful since we got home so it was her first chance to get out. After about 30 seconds of being out there I realized it had dropped about 15 degrees and it was freezing! We gave up and went in!

In the evening Adrienne and I snuck out to do some shopping. She's going to LA with her dance group in a couple weeks and needed some things. I think you're supposed to enjoy shopping with your daughter, but I could live my whole life quite happily without ever shopping again with her. She waits for me to pick things off the rack, then complains about my choices. Torture. I fully intended on being home to put Sof to bed, but of course things always take longer than you think. When I called to check in Mark had already put her to bed. Not only did she stay with him, he put her to bed!! Big step, but I admit I was sad! I love rocking her to sleep, and worried if she would wonder where I was. She woke up happy this morning and I know I have to share her sometime! Speaking of this morning, we went to get Sofie's ultrasound done for her sacral dimple. While we were waiting a nurse came out and said the doctor was calling my doctor to see why she ordered it in a child so old. I explained the situation and she went back to talk to the doctor. Long story short, he can't see what he needs to on an ultrasound because by Sofia's age the bones are too dense. Which leaves us with the options of wait and see, or have an MRI done. The MRI involves putting her out, but will tell us if her spinal cord is teathered or not. After some questions the doctor said he really thinks it is probably all normal, but I'm not a "wait and see" or "probably" kind of gal! So, I think we will go ahead with the MRI to be sure. For today, we left without the ultrasound. Oh well...
Waiting for the test that never was!

Next EXCITING thing happening at the Culleys...my sister will be induced on Thursday if she doesn't go into labor before then! Yay!!!!! Baby girl #6 in the line of cousins coming soon!!!


  1. So exciting to hear Mark and Sof are bonding. And yes Miss Culley you DO have to share her with the rest of us (friends and family). Also excited to hear the new little girl is FINALLY on her way into this crazy world. Congrats to your sister. See you soon


  2. Love the Church of the Spilled Blood pic as your header. I took Ava to Pump It Up for her 2nd birthday, she loved it. Tyler works there so he took good care of her. Ava loved the ball area also. Looks like your all doing really well. We are also waiting, waiting, waiting for the nice weather to get here. Ava loves to be outside!