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Friday, December 30, 2016

Kate the Great

Remember the best thing to happen in September?  No, not the delivery groceries(although that was pretty awesome).  I’m talking about the birth of Joni and Dave’s second daughter Kate.  This kid.  Oh my goooosh.  She is just the sweetest little bundle.  Oh, and she has down syndrome. 

I have always had an interest in DS.  If you scroll through my IG feed it’s half people I know and half families that have (mostly adopted) children with down syndrome.  Now I can say it all in preparation for the coming of Kate.  That sounds a little like a Jesus reference, and whatever with that because she is that awesome.   

Anyway, Em and I decided to make a visit so we could argue over who gets the baby.

IMG_9574  Disclaimer:  I had a really bad haircut just before we left…but this is about the baby.



Shall I pause for you to gush?  I mean.  Come on.  Look how she adores her mama already!


She’s only 7 old weeks here, but she’s already winning everybody over.  We spent our Saturday morning taking turns on the couch. 



Joni and Dave were going to a Down Syndrome fundraiser that night and Em and I were the babysitters.  Do you know how hard it is to get excited about a potentially emotionally draining formal wear evening when you’re 7 weeks post partum?  It sounds like a punishment to me.  We all encouraged (and Dave just went ahead and made the appointment) Joni to go get her nails done because we care about her feelings(please go away and leave the baby).  Dave was taking Paige to birthday party, so that left Em and I on our own!  Please note, we adore Paige.  However, unless you are dressed like Cookie Monster or holding a cookie, she’s too busy to be bothered with you.


Actually, if it looks like you’re going to take her outside she’s also into you!  Sadly she wasn’t going on this excursion, but I’m sure when she got to the petting zoo she forgave us.

No surprise our first stop was Starbucks.  I was instantly annoyed at the lack of comments about my baby.  How could you not gush??  Also, a few “you look so great for just having a baby” would have been nice too.


FYI:  If you leave your baby with us we may do things like a change a diaper in the middle of H&M.  Don’t worry, you’ll never know and baby will be returned happy and healthy.


Nothing to see here.

We had the best dinner date that night. 


We would have loved to have dined with Paige also, but when you’re 18 months old and never stop moving your party ends by 7:30.  Baby sister is a par-tee animal though!

IMG_9612  My favorite picture of her…


That’s the look that was waiting for mama when she got home.  Everything about this girl is exquisite. 

We had a great time with Joni the next day.  We walked, had lunch, had another Starbucks, stared at the baby more, got some Paige love, and even watched a movie.




Paige, come get a picture with Nenni!


Okay, nevermind.

We were not ready to leave the next morning.  These two were so fun.



I’m not naïve.  I know there will be challenges for Kate.  There will be struggle for Joni and Dave.  There will be stuff.  But it doesn’t have to be solved right now.  Right now this little lady is wowing everyone with her strength(literally, you should see her pick her head up, looks like a caterpillar because she gets her whole torso up!), her eye contact and facial expressions, and the way she forms her little mouth to make a little squeak.  She is observant of her world and already participatory in it.  I believe she will continue to wow us.  Let’s be honest, as long as she’s breathing we’ll be gushing.


If quality of life is measured by love given and received, she’s already winning.  She’s got a village, or should I say a fan club?

Red heart


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