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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Second Annual Grown Up’s Weekend

Not gonna lie, we planned this weekend in June and I looked forward to it everyday after.  I love my kids, but a whole weekend that revolves around doing whatever I want with the only activity being eating and drinking, well that’s heavenly. 

It was a little hard leaving on Friday because the kids had several activities I was missing.  My big girls took care of each other.  Adrienne sent me this pic from the football game which put my heart at ease. 


Sof had her color run which Grandma and Papa went to.  Last year she got color in her eye at the first station, and that was it.  She wouldn’t go through the color at all!  This year she had no problem!


I was just glad I didn’t have to take that kid home in my car!  Better yet…she didn’t even go to my house!  She was staying at Emily’s.  Win-win!


Once I knew my kids were all happy and settled, it was easy to sit back and enjoy!  Our Friday night spot is called Little Fleet.  It’s basically a parking lot with the yummiest food trucks set up next to a bar.  Between all of us, I think we tried one of everything!


The reason we had this planned so early in advance, was because Alison’s brother Alan and his wife Jane were coming here from England.  We haven’t seen them in years!

The weather fully cooperated giving us a 50 degree weekend.  It would not have been the same at 70 degrees.  There was clearly a uniform required.


We scored an awesome table at Seven Monks.  Em and I had an equally awesome burger. 

IMG_9169  IMG_9167

That’s my root beer by the way.  I don’t do day drinking.  I’m not against it, but it’s not for me.  I do however engage in day eating.

Next stop was “The Mitten”.  It was in a cute little town so Em and I did some shopping while the others got a table and a beer.  In fact, we bought our mom’s Christmas gift there.  It was quite productive!


Next we went to a favorite spot-Hop Lot. Em wanted to buy some special glasses that Steve likes to drink beer out of.  We thought they were so cute there!  They had the logo with a little pine cone on it.  Precious.  Except then someone informed us it was not a pine cone.  Apparently that’s what a hop looks like.  That makes sense now.  Duh.


By that time of night I was ready for a drink.  I don’t do beer though.  So I travel with my flask because I’m fancy like that.


Full Disclosure:  I forgot that thing was in my purse for about two weeks.  Which means I was teaching kindergarten with a flask of vodka in my purse. 


We had talked about doing a corn maze when it got dark.  As we sat at Hop Lot we kinda lost our steam for that.  But it was Scott’s idea, so I said we HAD to do it.  So we did.  Because when I talk people listen.  Plus there was going to be donuts there.

IMG_9191  We were offered two options.  A very involved long, long corn maze.  Or a shorter version that was sectioned off.  We of course opted for the shorter option.


It still took us about an hour and was super challenging.  Mostly because we couldn’t yell swear words.  Because –Families.  That was really hard to remember.  In the end we persevered and found all 4 hidden spots to complete our chart!  Woohoo!

IMG_9187IMG_9189 This is why we now call this the “annual” grown up weekend.  Because so. much. fun.  Until next year…

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