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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lexi’s Cheer Banquet


Lexi’s cheer team had a banquet for the end of football season.  It was a Willy Wonka theme which meant lots of candy!  Couldn’t have been more fitting for Lexi! 

She earned her letter as a freshman being on the Varsity team!  We’re very proud her!




She made some good friends and had some great experiences, but ultimately we decided it was not the right team for her or our family.  She’s now back at the gym with Sof and we couldn’t be happier.  She started just training, but 2 weeks in there was an opening on Sof’s team and they asked Lexi to fill in.  She’s having a great time doing it, both girls are on the same schedule, and Lexi’s still training and honing her skills for try outs in May.  

I’m glad she tried school cheer.  It wasn’t for us, but she’ll still be cheering that team on and wishing them the best!





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