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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

8 is Great

My baby turned 8.  I could lament about time passing, but frankly it gets old(pun intended).  I’ll tell you what I notice though, because seeing a human grow and change under your care is a magical thing. 

IMG_9397  There’s a confidence in her that wasn’t always there.  She no longer looks back for me in new situations.  She doesn’t need to hold my hand, and doesn’t want a million kisses before I leave her(not that that will stop me!).  She’s embarrassed if I don’t treat her her age.  There’s a mix of clothing in her closet.  Some of it still from Gymboree and hanging in outfits.  Those aren’t her first choices though.  She prefers to go for the separate tops and bottoms she can mix and match.  Most nights you’ll find her in pajama pants with a random t-shirt like her big sisters. 

Can we talk about her feet?  Okay, you don’t have to listen, but I want to remember, so we’re going to talk feet.  All kids have this year of transition where all of the sudden their feet are not little anymore.  They’re not cute little dimpled toes and soles that fit mostly in your hand.  Sof has always had very tiny feet.  In fact, when we first got her she was still in infant size 4 shoes, and her little pinky toenail was thick and ungrowing from being put in tiny shoes for so long.  Her growth caught up quite quickly when we came home, but her feet have always been a size or two behind her peers.  Not anymore.  She’s grown 2 sizes in the last 6 months, and it’s so sad.  She has big kid feet!! 

Regardless of the physical changes, she still likes to be snuggled before bed every night.  She reads one book to me and then wants to listen to one.  She still loves her Littlest Pet Shop toys and doing arts and crafts.  Her current favorite thing to do is look up how to draw videos on You Tube.  She is still a very busy kid needing to be stimulated at all times, however, I see glimpses of calmer more mature interests more often now. 

She loves cheer because it’s organized and active!  She had her fun meet at the gym the Saturday before her bday, so we used it as an excuse for a party.  Her neighborhood friends(Allie and the triplets) showed up to cheer her on!


Of course the cousins came too!



We went back to the house after and had dinner, cake, and presents.  Nothing organized, just the kids playing and grown ups chatting, but it was still a celebration and Sof loved it!


The kids set up her new LPS right away!  So Cute!


There is nothing she loves more than when we sing Happy Birthday to her!  It’s literally her favorite 30 seconds of the year!



She chose an emoji theme because that’s another favorite of hers right now.


Long after her buddies left she was still playing.  Such a great night is hard to end! 

Lucky for her though, her actual birthday fell on Monday.  Emily has that day off, so she picked Sof up from school and spent a whole day spoiling her! 


First, lunch at McDonalds- Sof’s choice!


Then off to Target to pick out a birthday toy!


Then to the movies to see “Storks”!  Mama even got to join them there:)

That evening we all met for dinner and more presents!  I’d say this girl was well celebrated!


It’s exhausting being this special!


From what I can tell, 8 is going to be great!

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