"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Thursday, December 29, 2016


This year we started Halloween the weekend before with a little downtown trick or treating!  Sof’s friend from school invited us to join them and it was a perfect outing!  I happened to be watching Em’s kids that weekend, so I brought Natalie with me. 


Natty was a little nervous at first so she stuck close to me!  Pretty soon she got the hang of it though!  Nothing comes between her and her candy!


We went out to dinner after and were surprised to find out that our waiter was Brandon(the brother of one of Em’s neighbors).  Natalie recognized him right away and spent the whole dinner barking orders at him like he was her own personal waiter! 


We carved pumpkins with the cousins and had the usual range of emotions.  Frustration, anger, and boredom seem to be the recurrent carving feelings.  If you’re lucky, when it’s all over, a couple of them might be happy with the results. 


Sof got brave for the first time and actually pulled the guts out herself!


She kept it easy and opted for her favorite emoji face!  It turned out perfect and she was very happy!


Natalie was way more interested in using a sharpie to draw on hers!  Nevertheless, she was happy too!

IMG_9503Lexi followed a pattern and made this cool mummy!  She worked hard on it and was happy with the results too!


Adrienne attempted an elephant, but it didn’t turn out quite how she wanted.  She wasn’t happy, but I thought it was cute!


Livy and Kaitlyn picked complicated ones and I didn’t get a picture of the finished product!  They were working long after the others finished though! 

Halloween was on a Monday.  Worst day ever for Halloween.  It’s like teachers everywhere had bad karma and were punished collectively.  On an up note, it was a half day of school and I didn’t work that morning so I was able to join Sof at her parade and party. 



I noticed she didn’t seem quite herself.  I asked her if she felt okay, and she said yes.  She didn’t feel warm either.  She was signed up for primetime because I had to work in the afternoon.  The big girls were home though, and my instinct was to take her home.  She LOVES primetime though.  She begged to go!  So against my better judgement I let her go.  She wasn’t there more than an hour and they called me to get her.  She was so miserable when I got there.  She had gone downhill fast!


I took her home and she had a nice 3 hour nap and some Motrin.  It’s amazing what that can do for a kid!  She woke up raring to go!  She also got a birthday package from Aunt Nette, which couldn’t have been better timed!  She was thrilled to open it and play with her new toy! 


We had some dinner and she was ready to trick or treat!  But first, Daddy pulled her tooth out!!


Luckily(or unluckily) Allie was already on an antibiotic so any germs Sof was sporting weren’t a concern!




We ran into Allie’s cousins as we were finishing!  They were still going strong!


It was a pretty good haul for a kid we weren’t sure was going to even go!


It was and up and down day, but if you asked Sof she’d only remember the ups.

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