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Sunday, January 1, 2017

My “Kid” is an “Adult”


My beautiful girl turned 18.  Officially an adult.  I have officially kept a human alive from birth to adulthood, and she’s awesome.  Her and I were lamenting about the anticlimactic nature of 18.  We came up with the fact that she has now earned the legal right to vape, buy cigs, and get a tattoo.  I have now earned the legal right to kick her out of the house for any of the above. 


Ahhhh, to be 18 again.  She can tell you a million and one things wrong with these pictures.  Little does she know she will spend the rest of her life wishing she could look like this again.  I wish every day I still had bangs the size of South Dakota and pin tucked jeans.  No I don’t.


It’s hard enough for us to eat dinner together a couple nights a week, so celebrating a birthday is tricky.  On the actual day she had pom practice.  Sof and I picked up Tropical Smoothie for everyone and brought it to the end of practice. 


It was a huge hit and I’m so glad we did it!


Some of her besties came over to the house with cupcakes to celebrate!


We didn’t really have a family celebration.  There weren’t any gifts really, she got a computer that she shopped for, and there was no special dessert.  Still, we couldn’t let go of the yearly tradition of candles with Emmy.  We squeezed it in on a Sunday night because sometimes you just have make it happen.


Emily got her an elephant charm for her Pandora bracelet.  She loves it!


It’s a big deal that I actually had birthday candles.  Reused ones albeit, but definitely a big step up from the tealight candles I usually have to scrounge up for their bdays!


Happy Birthday Adrienne!  It’s a privilege to have raised you to this point, and an even bigger privilege to see what you will do with that now.  The sky’s the limit.  Love you baby.


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