"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Monday, November 9, 2015


October started on a high note with the aforementioned grown up wine tasting weekend.  Actually, it turned into more of a beer tasting weekend, but whatever, the grown up part was the important thing.  We got to Mike and Alison’s on Friday night and easily decided Cards Against Humanity would be the perfect game.  Weird side note…Darryl and his lovely girlfriend joined us for the weekend.  Because they are grown ups.  Like real live ones.  Not even college students.  Nope.  Like out in the working world grown ups.  This is concerning because Darryl was 4 when we met Mike and Alison.  Which makes me like a senior citizen I think.


Saturday was an awesome day of doing whatever we wanted, with the sole goal of drinking and eating.


I discovered my retirement home…Shady Lane.  Which it seems I’ll be needing soon based on these children aging so quickly.


We happened to bump into Andy!  He was up there on a work trip.  He was working very hard.  Except he wasn’t.

IMG_2641IMG_2639IMG_2643 Due to our overwhelming yearning to be with our kids, we really had a horrible time.  The end.

Sof had a color run at school as a fall fundraiser.  She enjoyed it before and after, but during not so much.  As soon as she got a little color in her mouth she was out.  I don’t blame her…yuck.


We had lots of cute before school mornings.



Especially picture day:)









And we had a handful of uncooperative ones too.  Which I happen to find equally as cute.


Sof wanted to make lunches one night.  Daddy got a heart sandwich(which he bit into only to find she didn’t take the paper off the cheese), and Adrienne got a love note on her bag. 


Sof had a birthday party for her friend Kaitlyn from cheer.  She was excited to celebrate with her because the girls aren’t on the same team this year.  We miss this family:(


She also had an eye check-up.  Turns out the glasses are doing their job,which is good to know since we’re still not great at remembering them all the time. 


The dairy-free bakery is right by the eye doctor, so it’s always our special stop!


Sof had her Daisy Investiture ceremony.  So sweet.



You can tell by the state of their hair, it was after school.


We had a couple trips to the pumpkin patch.  Always meeting up with Allie!  The weather was so incredible in October, there was plenty of weekends to enjoy!


The corn maze was a lot of whining about wanting to get out exactly 2 minutes after we started while John carried Colin with a shitty diaper fun around every corner!



He is so stinkin’ cute.



Kaitlyn is swimming again this year, so we got to watch a meet.


I had to go to the real bookstore to get a birthday book for Sof to bring to school.  I forgot how much I enjoy that.  We don’t have any bookstores near us anymore, so it’s rare I make the drive to go.  I might need to do it more often!


I love to go out to dinner with my girls and talk about their day.


Lexi had a pink out at school to support breast cancer awareness.  Is breast cancer supposed to be capitalized?  I just don’t know.  I don’t respect it that much, so no, I’m not.


Finally, Sof had a fall fair at school.


It’s shocking to me what we can do in a month.  Even after taking out the big events like dances and birthdays!  October was beautiful weather, and some really good times.

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