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Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Big Seven Year Old

7. My God.  Se-ven.  What the duck.  This is my baby we’re talking about here.  You know that mom, the one everyone is like “good Lord she treats that kid like she’s 2”.  Yup, that’s me.  And I ain’t lettin’ it go.  Cause seven is just straight up ridiculous and unreasonable.  She will wear bows and ruffly socks till the end of time.  For reals.

Anyhoo, it happened, she had a birthday, and we needed to celebrate it. 

This summer all the rage was mermaid tails.  I bought my niece one last spring for her bday, and several of Sof’s friends showed up at the pool with them this summer.  She desperately wanted one too.  It’s an expensive item though.  Not something you just purchase on a whim.  We started talking about putting it on a birthday or Christmas list, but really, who wants a mermaid tail in October or December?  That’s when I hatched the idea of having a swim party.  Problem is not all pools allow the mermaid tails.  Lucky for us one of the private pools, Aquatots, said they would allow it!  So I booked a party and ordered the tail!  I decided I would keep the tail a surprise and give it to her on the morning of her party.  I even talked her into a Little Mermaid theme!  I told her we would borrow Kaitlyn’s tail, and she was literally over the moon!  She was completely content with that!

I made her cupcakes because they have to be dairy free.  I’m no baker, but they turned out pretty good!


The morning of her birthday Em and the girls came over to watch her open her tail.  We were all so excited!  I took a video of it, so I don’t have any pictures, but she was so surprised and happy!


She invited her entire Daisy troop, and she had 18 friends respond yes!  It was such a cute group of girls! 


This party was fantastic!  We had the whole place to ourselves.  The pool is enclosed in glass, so the moms could hang out in the lobby area(plenty of seating), and the kids swam with the lifeguards. 


Did I mention the pool is heated to 90 degrees?  No cold kiddos wanting to get out!  They swam the whole time and had a blast!  Of course, we did have to get out eventually for cupcakes and presents!

IMG_2801  Sof helped pass out the goody bags.  We got each girl a waterproof bag that holds your swimsuit, a Little Mermaid comb, and some candy.


Sof was so appreciative for all her gifts.  She read every card, looked over every gift, and thanked every friend.  I was so proud of her.



I bought her pre-written thank you cards, but she added a little extra to each one:)


Dear Peyton, Thank you for the awesome color purse.  I love it! So much.  I been working on it.

The Friday before her real birthday she took a birthday book to school.  I bought a fun story called “I Want My Hat Back”.  I always wrap the book so it will be a surprise for my kids as well as their class!


As often happens on Friday night, she fell asleep fully clothed(bow and all).  So her morning pics look suspiciously similar to her day before.  


Adrienne and Lexi had a gift she opened first thing!  Then we went out for her favorite breakfast-donuts!


After breakfast we had to get a move on it!  The girls had their first fun meet at cheer that afternoon.  It was our first look at the new routines, and both teams look great!


In between the routines they play games for prizes.  Em and I won the 3 legged race for the second year in a row.  She got a $100 gift card and I got a $75 one!  Kaitlyn went out for a dance off.  She didn’t win, but she looked adorable:)


Sof got to pick a lottery ticket for her birthday!



PA246529 After the meet it was out to dinner and back home for another little celebration!


Sof loves celebrating her birthday.  I love celebrating her.  Another year of joy, love, and spunk she’s brought to us.  She is our gift each and every day. 

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