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Monday, November 16, 2015


Let me start with some good news…pumpkin carving went so much better this year!  In the past, pumpkin carving just feels like a wasted hour of my life I can’t get back.  However, everyone was really happy to do their own pumpkin this year, and everyone was happy with their results. 


Even Sof got her hands in there!  Greg was still in town, so he joined us with his own pumpkin.  The seventh kid;)


I must say, the results were pretty impressive.


Sof’s party at school was the Friday before Halloween.  Obviously, since Halloween was on Saturday.  My OCCD(Obsessive Compulsive Chronology Disorder) makes me note that. 




That night at cheer she had a little party.  The girls were split into pumpkins and spiders for some challenges.  Guess which team she was on? 


Mark took the girls to see Evil Dead 2 the Musical. 


I went to a Halloween party at Em’s neighbor's house.  There were some impressive costumes!


So lots of good stuff happening around Halloween.  The weather has been overwhelmingly beautiful.  Like I think there’s only been one yucky day.  That was HALLOWEEN.  It was raining(and not just a sprinkle) with temps barely in the low 50’s.  Lovely.  So for the second year in row we went with the “hat as costume” look.

IMG_3086IMG_3087 IMG_3112

Lexi and Rachel coordinated the cutest costumes!  Instead of trick or treat, they went to each door and said “Merry Christmas”!


Adrienne went to a party in her loofah costume.  So cute!


We stuck it out pretty long considering the conditions!


We were happy to end the night warm and cozy at John and Jill’s house though!


See the scary skeleton in the back?  Greg apparently has some mad make up skillz. 

Now to keep the candy in the baskets and out of my mouth!

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