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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Day of School

This school year felt less eventful then most.  No one hit any major milestones.  I didn’t even shed a tear.  I did have the thought though that, OMG, I will only do this one more time with Adrienne.

The bad lighting obligatory morning pic…


Although eleventh grade isn’t necessarily a milestone, it is a big year.  Grades are ultra important and college fairs are plentiful.  We made some changes in her dance commitment to allow her more time to focus on school.  She changed studios to accommodate her other interests, but still allow her to train in dance.  I’ve told her a million times since how brave she is for recognizing that something that has been such an integral part of her life, that she loves, might not meet her needs anymore.  It was sad and hard and nerve-racking, but she made her decision and didn’t look back.  She’s home more, joined Student Leadership and Social Justice League at school, and still does competitive dance.  I can’t think of a better skill to have at 16 then insight on what you want for your life and the guts to make it happen.  It’s gonna be a great year!

Lexi went to eighth grade!  Top dog in the school.  Crazy.

IMG_2254I’m so proud of her academics.  Lexi has always worked very hard for her grades, and always needed extra support in math.  After earning straight A’s last year her teachers all said it was just silly to have her in the math support class.  So, not only did we drop that, but in place of it she added Spanish this year.  Although I can’t believe it, I really think she will be ready for high school next year!     

Finally, first day of first grade!  My sweet baby who still poses happily for pics:)


This year lockers are all the rage!  Her elementary is lucky enough to have lockers for the 1st-5th grades, and she couldn’t wait! 


She was also excited to meet her teacher Miss Farough and get back to playing Littlest Pet Shop at prime time care!


Oh elementary school, how I love thee.  Please stay little my darling Sof.

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