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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Friday of Summer(aka June)


Let me explain this very simple analogy.  For teachers, summer is a weekend.  June is Friday.  Half business, half party.  The business part made tolerable by the knowledge that the “weekend” is upon you.  July is Saturday.  Free and clear baby.  From start to finish, not a care in the world.  August is Sunday.  Still free and clear in actuality, but with a cloud of preparation for Monday(aka September) hanging over you.  Oh how I love June…such great anticipation for what’s on the horizon.  Also, how ‘bout that “summer just started” feeling?  Awesome.

School mornings and afternoons became a little more carefree.  Still light evenings giving way to later bedtimes and hairier mornings.





See above for example of too late evening that led to a rushed bedtime and shower in the morning.  So worth it though.





And just like that 169 days of Kindergarten were gone.  A landmark year in her childhood, one that will remain just a little more special than the others.  The last day at the bus stop was full of smiles and celebration with Timbits from one generous neighbor.



My school will be undergoing renovations this summer, so the last few days looked like boxes, boxes, and more boxes.



Adrienne went to her dance which she would describe as quite possibly the most awkward experience of her life.


She bought a cute jumper for it though, and they had fun getting ready.  They also had fun when they came home a half hour later and decided to have a bonfire at our house.  Note to high school dance planners…being outside in the bright sunlight does not a good dance atmosphere make.





“Mama, hold me up so I can take a picture of the moon!”


We actually found a night to sneak out with Barb and Jeff.


Allie brought her Bitty Baby over one day.  I asked Sof if she would like to get out the one that’s been in my closet for over four years.  Grandma Linda bought it for her when she came home.  Her fear of dolls was intense then, so it never was taken out of the box. 


She was very excited about getting it out, and her and Allie played all afternoon with their babies.  That night, she put Bitty Baby at the bottom of the toy box and took the accessories upstairs.  Bitty baby has stayed there ever since, and bear has inherited all the accessories.  So much for that!

IMG_5369 When Lexi asked her why she doesn’t like her baby anymore, she said “Because it’s creepy”.  LOL, guess that’s a wrap.


Lexi has really been enjoying her new cheer team and making friends.  I’m looking forward to an awesome year with this group!



One of the cities near me hosts a pink party every year.  All the local businesses do special pink themed drinks and food.  Everyone dresses in pink and walks from place to place sampling the goods.  One of my colleagues lives there and is a survivor.  She hosts a party at her house each year, and this year I finally went!


Sof got glasses.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about her need for eye correction.  I (not so) secretly hope her eyesight does not improve so she can rock this look forever.  So. Stinkin’. Cute.


I let her pick out her own frames, and I love her choices.  She made me take pictures of every little detail so she could show daddy when we got home!

Lexi and Sof spent the first week of the summer at Grandma Linda and Papa Curt’s house with Livy and Kaitlyn.  It worked out that everyone was free, so we loaded up in the white van and ALL headed to Kzoo for the drop off.


The kids had a fabulous time.  Who wouldn’t like a week where all your requests are indulged?  I missed them, but enjoyed the freedom at home, and the time with Adrienne.  We spent one entire day at Starbucks preparing for our trip to an orphanage in Sri Lanka in August.  We are going to be setting up a program to help the girls with their English, as well as doing some fun craft/dance classes with them.  It is an amazing opportunity, and we’re so nervous excited to go!


One morning we woke up with nothing to do all day and night.  We decided to make an adventure of it!  We started out at the DIA, and when Mark heard he left work early and met us there.



It was sailing night for Mark, so he went on his way after the DIA.  Adrienne and I enjoyed a beautiful night eating outside before going to see “Pippin”(which we are officially in love with).


The girls came back from Grandma’s with new clothes and done nails.


They also came back with cards for Father’s day.  Sof couldn’t wait to give Mark her heartfelt message.


We went on a bike ride for Father’s Day to a cool new trail Mark’s been wanting to try.


We’ve been into crafting.  Latch hook and coloring are our current faves.


Sof and I found an afternoon to visit Aunt Anne and Uncle Rick.


They have a little chalkboard hanging in their kitchen.  Sof asked if she could write on it.  Pretty sure they won’t be erasing this anytime soon.


Not sure why it took this long, but we just realized there is a Starbucks around the corner from cheer.  It’s been giving Lexi and I a place to go on the days we have to wait for Sof:)


We went to a Jimmy Buffet concert with our neighbors John and Jill.  It was a brand new venue, and it was crappy, but we had 11th row seats to make up for it!


We’ve been slowly accumulating a Disney wardrobe.  This is a big conflict for me.  I am a stickler for always having the appropriate attire for the venue, and matching head to toe.  I am also a stickler for NEVER buying character wear.  There is a battle waging inside me.  


There is a pirate themed night, and I resisted buying the Tinkerbell costume.  Instead I modge podged together this costume from an old dance costume, a hand me down scarf, and boot covers from another old costume!  I’m pretty happy with it!


We went to the waterpark with some of Lexi’s new cheer friends.  They are very nice girls, and I’m so happy they are connecting.


All that sun and fun wears a girl out.  Many afternoons end up on the couch like this.


We spent a beautiful day at a Tiger’s game.  It was an annual Girl Scout game, so we went with Sof’s Daisy’s troop.  They got to parade around the field before the game.


We sat with our neighbors, all of Sof’s best buddies.  Allie and the triplets…it sounds like a band.



Those arm muscles are a stark reminder she’s not genetically mine(and the great skin coloring).



We were supposed to go out to dinner with some friends of ours.  Adult dinner.  At the last minute they couldn’t come, so we decided why not take the kids?  Lexi was at a friend’s house, so it was just Adrienne and Sof.  Great idea right!  Oy.


In other random summer type activities, we visited a library we haven’t been to yet.


We also met up with my work group for mini golf.


It’s amazing all you can fit into a Friday.  An entire work day, plus a whole recreational night.  I am willing to bet that Fridays have the most used hours of all the days.  I know we squeezed every little bit of fun out of this June we could.   

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